Saturday, 9 February 2013

The new bale buggy for 2013

The Bale Buggy leaves bales in groups of 2 and so reduces time spent retrieving and moving bales in the field to increase productivity, decrease soil compaction (from other bale collection practices), and reduce fuel costs. The accumulator can hold one bale and leaves the bales in two’s for convenient loading and to limit travel in the field.

• Collects 2 round bales
• Quickly unload for efficiency.
• Operates automatically from the baler, no extra operation for the driver.
• Features floor chain over steel floor to have positive bale control at all times and to limit wear on bales.
• Built in features prevent bales from rolling forward on hillsides.
• Easily attaches to baler {2 pins}
• Simple in-cab indicator alerts operator when bale has cleared the buggy
• Tire size is 26x12-12
• Castor axles allow operator to reverse as normal Turning angle is not limited like other types of accumulator
• Setup and Installation Time of 2 hours

We are excited to bring you for 2014 the new four bale accumulator........Stay tune for details.

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Contact: Oliver Paquette

New for 2014
Accumulates four bales.